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10th Financial Risks International Forum 2017 - Paris

27 mars 2017

The Institut Louis Bachelier, in cooperation with the Fondation du Risque, the Europlace Institute of Finance and the Louis Bachelier "Finance and Sustainable Growth" Laboratory, is pleased to invite you to the 10th Financial Risks International Forum.
In the current context, this year's forum will focus on "RETAIL FINANCE AND INSURANCE: Impact of Technical Innovation, Through Majors and FinTech".
The aim of this conference is the digital revolution under way in financial services. Technical innovations lead to the creation of new and possibly cheaper services that are readily available for individuals through web platforms or mobile apps. New databases, new forms of payment processing, trading platforms, peer-to- peer lending platforms and robo-advisors are fast developing and democratizing financial services. They also raise many questions. How can we design safe and understandable financial products available for the largest number of individuals? What will be the consequences of fintech development on traditional banks and insurance companies? How are consumers to be protected? How can fintech be regulated? What will be the macroeconomic consequences of its development? This upcoming Financial Risks International Forum aims to highlight the methodological and regulatory challenges raised by the on-going developments in financial technologies.

2017 Guests Speakers are :
Fatih GUVENEN, Professor of Economics, University of Minnesota.
Campbell HARVEY, Professor of Finance, Duke University.
Nicholas POLSON, Professor of Econometrics and Statistics, University of Chicago.

More information : http://risk2017.institutlouisbachelier.org/?lng=EN