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Handbook of Energy Finance (Call for Chapters), World Scientific Publishing

Date limite de soumission : 15 mars 2017

We are seeking exclusive chapters for the Handbook of Energy Finance: Theories, Practices and Simulations, to be published by World Scientific Publishing in April-May 2018.
The handbook aims to provide the readers with up-to-date views of all innovative results and technical methods applied to energy markets. We welcome submissions of exclusive chapters (not published elsewhere and not available on the internet) on the four main areas:
Econometric modeling of the behavior and dynamics of energy markets
Mathematical aspects of energy markets such as volatility breaks, jumps, economy states, asymmetries in price, etc.
Energy risk management and hedging
New theoretical and empirical trends/results in quantitative energy finance (pricing, modeling, risk management, etc.)

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send us, before March 15, 2017, a 1–2 page chapter proposal (including a title, an abstract, a tentative outline, and a short biography of the authors), clearly explaining the purpose, scope and contents of their proposed chapters: Stéphane Goutte (stephane.goutte@univ-paris8.fr) and Duc Khuong Nguyen (duc.nguyen@ipag.fr)

For more information, please visit the link: https://goo.gl/1JnKcZ.